The  Agenda of the meeting was:

1.Meeting with Prof Gon Choudhury

2.Programme on 12th June 2018

3.Prama registration

4.Self defense training for girls in schools.

5.Awareness programme on good touch and bad touch in schools.

6.Office bearers training with like minded women orgainisations

7.Others with the permission of the chair.

Minutes of Meeting held at 119 Jodhpur Park on


The following members were present at the meeting held on 07.05.2018.

1.Mrs Manjula Chatterjee

2.Dr Swapna Mukherjee

3.Prof Bula Bhadra

4.Mrs Vidya Pai

5.Dr Reeta Bhattacharya

6.Mrs Monika Barua

7.Mrs Lopamudra Ghosh

8.Mrs Soma Dasgupta

9.Ms Arundhati  Mukherjee

10.Mrs Anuradha Banerjee

11.Mrs Rani Sinha

12.Mrs Mayuri Dutt

13.Prof Bijoya Goswami Only Susmita Sengupta ans

Smt Manjula Chatterjee read the draft of Minutes of the last Monthly meeting held on 22-4-2018.

Dr Reeta Bhattacharya stated that a final decision on the Editorial Board of Prama 2018 could only be taken after receiving inputs from National Shakti Board.

Dr Swapna Mukherjee elaborated on her suggestion that the seminar on June 12 th should  be part of be KNS;s  annual calendar. The discussion at the  seminer should complement the articles in Prama that  would be released  on that day.

These two clarifications were incorporated into the Minutes that were read and confirmed.

Solar Demo Project :

Smt Soma Dasgupta would infrom  members  about date and  time of meeting with Prof Gon Choudhury.

A list of members desirous of attending the meeting was drawn up.

Prof Gon Choudhury’s views on imparting technical to women for installation, repair and maintenance of solar dome would  be sought. Since  this was a project for tribal areas  it could focus on the North eastern states where Prof Gon Choudhury’s organization has local support.

Smt Mayuri  Dutt suggested that the project  be extended  to eastern Indian states of Orissa,Bihar,Chhattisgarh and West Bengal where she can organize local support.

Seminar on 12th June:

Smt Manjula Chatterjee announced that the seminar could be held in the Banquet Hall on the  2nd floor, above thr restaurant 6  Ballygunge Place, free of cost. The tentative time slot would   be 11am to 3pm. Students of class 11 and 12 from a few schools,parents and teachers would be invited to the seminar.

CRY would be requested to sponsor stationery, while CINI would be requested to sponsor lunch/ tea.

Smt Anuradha Banerjee suggested that some pharmaceutical company be requested to sponsor the event since it dealt with medical issues.

Prof Bula Bhadra stated that publishers like Rutledge could be requested to sponsor  the event if they were given space to set up a stall.

A tentative list of speakers was drawn up for the seminar entitled Childhood in Crisis, Issues at stake.

Dr Jairam (Child psychologist)

Dr Rajashree Ray

Smt Ananya Chakraborti, Chairperson,WBCPCR

A lawyer/sponsor from CRY or CINI

Prof Bula Bhadra

Since the venue was a banquet hall with no provision for a stage it was not known  if the Bhagini Nivedita play could be staged as planned earlier. The Director 0f the play would be contacted and a decision taken at a later date.

Prama Registration:

Dr Reeta Bhattacharya informed that National Shakti Board wanted Prama registration and ISS number formalities to be completed by end of 2018.

Prof Bhadra  stated that one issue of Prama on Childhood in crisis could be released in June  2018 and another issue in November 2018. This would  facilitate the registration process.

Office Bearer’s Training:   It was decided that Training program on Shakti ideology and allied themes which Pune, Kerala and Jabalpur units had already conducted would  be held in Kolkata in August 2018.

Projects on Child safety:

Dr Reeta Bhattacharty informed members abouts a proposal from a Rotary unit to conduct sessions on Good Touch,Bad  Touch in primary schools. She  also outlined a proposal by a young Karate exponent to teach self defence in girl’s schools.

Smt Mayuri  Dutt stated that this process of gender sensitization was already underway in many schools and ICSE schools  be included in this KNS project.