National Science Day 28 February

Every year Kolkata Nivedita Shakti celebrates National Science Day with the given theme by the government of India on and around 28th February. This day is celebrated to create awareness about the importance of science in the daily life of people. and it also helps in building scientific temperament among the children.

Its main objective is to spread awareness on scientific thinking and to about the importance of scientific applications in their daily life and encourage them by popularizing Science and Technology.

On this day, we show our respect to the famous Indian physicist to mark his discovery of the Raman Effect. Raman was the first person to research such an invention in India. His discovery marked a notable achievement in Indian history. 

Every Year we focus on a particular Theme which we are following to conduct our program accordingly. Here is a list of those themes:

2010: On 27th February, a lifestyle management seminar was held at Chakdah Pharmaceutical College to mark Science Day. The seminar focused on Women’s health, mental, physical, and spiritual.  

2015: “Science for Nation Building”.

 2016: ‘Make in India: S&T Driven Innovations’– On 28th & 29th Feb, KNS took part in West Bengal Science Congress held in Presidency University with students displaying models and posters with the theme ‘Make in India: S&T Driven Innovations’.

2017: ‘Science and Technology for the Specially-abled Person’- On 28th February the theme was ‘Science and Technology for the Specially-abled person’ It was commemorated with a bunch of 38 boys and girls with special needs. Activities like singing, drawing and coloring, quiz on scientific discoveries were conducted for them. The program ended with tea and good refreshment for all the participants and members present there.

 2018: ‘Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future’- On 28 February 2018, Science day was celebrated with B.Sc students of South Calcutta Girls’ College at Acharya Bhawan (Prof J.C. Bose’s residence cum museum). Two lecturers interacted with the students. One presentation deliberated on the experiments of Sir J C Bose and their relevance. The second presentation was about Sir C V Raman’s entire journey of his famous discovery which was of immense benefit to the students

2019: “Science for the People and the People for Science”- Science day was celebrated on 28th February in a school run by Swapnapuran Welfare Society, Hindolganj, North 24 Parganas, and the theme for the occasion was Science for People and People for Science.

2020: “Women in Science.”- On 27th Feb, Smt. Anindita Sinha represented KNS at the program Empower—Reinventing Womanhood, organized by ICC. and on 28th Feb, a Science Day program for school children was held at PhilomelPublic School, Uttar Panchannagram, Kolkata.

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