Initiatives For The Next Decade

Peedhi Sanskar

First of its kind a Generation Enrichment Initiative focused to transmit and instill a new set of social and cultural values in our next progeny to develop a more responsible and better society. The execution plan includes a well-designed education and practice programme for preconception and antenatal stage integrated with age-old methodologies and advanced health care system for young couples.

Yuva Shakti Abhiyaan

The aim of this movement is to produce empowered, developed, independent and conscious youth. Execution plan includes a 7 days workshop being conducted in schools (girls from class 8 to 12)

Kalpana Chawla Academy of Science (KCAS)

KCAS is a National Movement on Science and Technology for Girls. This movement aims at girl students encouraging them to explore basic science, motivating them to eventually take up research in science with emphasis on social reformation.

Training in Research & Analysis

Over a period of 2/3 days workshops will be conducted by each state unit for PG students to train and make them aware of various upcoming, relevant fields of research.

Adoption & Development

In this any area, sector or a small village will be adopted by the state unit and development would be done accordingly through project executions.

National or International level conference once every year by any one unit.

Local networking & popularity programme:

Every year each unit which will host a get-together of local women dignitaries, social workers, women members from other NGOs. High tea will be served and a small cultural programme will be organized with a PPT presentation of Shakti’s work. During this programme a woman and a girl will be honored for progress in their chosen field.

Two meetings every six month along with ABHYAAS VARG (workshop for execution practice)

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