Kolkata Nivedita Shakti wishes to establish a Science Club on the day of completion of 10th year on 12 June 2021 where all girls and young ladies can have easy access to fulfil their dreams to do STEM and environmental science as their carriers and hobbies.

We’ve learned that girls are far more engaged in learning when they’re excited about learning. Girls will make science fun through the science club. They’ll be making learning fun.

The Science Club for girls’ is a great way to get students energized about
taking care of all the streams of science including the Earth and helping their community while learning about some of the most important issues facing the world in the 21st century.

In the science club members will have the following benefits:

Solving the Scientific Enquiry,

Meeting eminent scientists,

Doing various Science projects,

Watching Science Films,

Career Exploration,

Hand-on curricula,

Mentorship etc.

Environmental projects like Environmental Public Health, Environmental
Ethics, Energy Use & Efficiency, Ecological Footprint, Water Pollution

We are requesting all girls’ Schools, Colleges, Institutes, Universities, NGOs and likeminded persons to submit project proposals or collaboration to niveditashakti@gmail.com.